A note from the webmaster.

The Sally Haley MD and White Pine Holistic Medicine websites are designed according to modern web standards, so they would be easily accessible using common browsers. Even though we try to make sure everything is in good working condition, it doesn’t mean that viewers can’t be experiencing problems. Below are my thoughts and tips regarding some issues that have we on occasion been contacted about.

Missing and/or misplaced information

Most likely you are using Internet Explorer. While ubiquitous, it is buggy and not secure. An easy way around certain problems is to download the free open source browser » FireFox from Mozilla. It is a fast and frequently updated browser. It can be customized in various ways through extensions. I give Firefox two thumbs up and strongly recommend it to anybody.
Or, as another alternative, look at » Opera, which is also free, frequently updated and widely supported.

Password problem

With the previous website there were a few instances where readers reported that the password (to access the restricted order page) did not work. The users received an error that they specified an incorrect password or that they do not have cookies enabled. We were unable to replicate this problem in-house and believe it was related to the browser’s cookie settings and/or other security software running on the user’s computer.


* Caps Lock? Ensure that the caps lock key is off. The password is entirely lowercase.
* Enable cookies. Please check that cookies are enabled or set to prompt. (not disabled)
* Rather than fiddling with certain preference settings in different programs, I recommend trying a different browser. See the Firefox recommendation.

If you are still experiencing or have experienced a problem with the password, I would ask that you contact me via the webmaster email link on the » contact page. Please include the version of your browser and operating system, so I can try to diagnose the issue further and work to get this resolved.

PDF problem

Downloading or viewing the PDF files does not work

We will be more than happy to send you the form(s) in email. Just send a quick note to the Dr or the webmaster and we will reply with the form(s) as soon as possible.

* Please make sure you are using a recent version of Adobe Reader or equivalent program. If you have not updated your PDF reader for a while and are for instance still using Adobe Acrobat Reader, I would recommend updating to Adobe Reader as a first step.
* While viewing the forms directly in the web browser works (generally a supported practice), it seems to cause a problem for some people. I have heard reports where the viewer’s browser or even whole computer pauzes / freezes briefly. I believe this to be some combination of Windows, Internet Explorer and Adobe that freezes things up while the antivirus program inspects the PDF file being downloaded. This may be dependent on your internet speed and certainly the capabilities of your computer. Rest assured, the files we host are clean. There is also nothing special about the PDFs as they only contain text. They are pretty small in actual size to ensure they would not pose a problem for existing and future clients using a dialup connection.
* Download. As an alternative to clicking through (and thus opening the PDF in your browser), you can save the forms to your computer by right-clicking [or option-clicking if you are on a Mac] on the PDF word link and selecting ‘Save as…’ from the shortcut menu. Then after the download is complete, access the saved file locally on your hard drive through Explorer (Win) or Finder (Mac).
* Try a different browser. See the » Firefox recommendation.
* Contact the webmaster. If you are still experiencing or have experienced a problem accessing the forms, I would ask that you contact me via the webmaster link on the » contact page.
Please include the version of your operating system, browser, adobe reader and type of internet connection.

Browser problems / issues

If you are using older versions of Internet Explorer (like 5.x and earlier) or some other browser that has not seen an update in a few years; you may see that some parts of pages are misaligned, notice a lack of images and who knows what other side-effects. This is normal. Old browsers conform to old web standards and as such they don’t understand newer standards and design practices.

Regardless of your platform (PC, Mac, …) you should always try to use the latest version of your browser. If your browser is end of the line for your operating system, why not try » FireFox or another browser as an alternative? Or look at » Opera, another free browser that is frequently updated and widely supported?

Other issues / problems

If you are experiencing any other problem, please contact the webmaster via the » contact page.

I will be more than happy to respond and work to with you to get issues resolved and assist as needed.

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